What is it with people who can’t identify an Internet hoax when they see one?  I receive email like the following way too often: Proposed Amendment. Don’t these people spend one iota of time checking out what they are forwarding?  It’s not just the content that’s being forwarded it’s that I know these people and they are not gullible.  If anything, they suspect the kid selling magazine subscriptions at the door to be a con-artist.  Really?  Where is their “paranoid radar” when they read this stuff?  Why forward it to hundreds of people as well?

Now I am seeing Facebook posts like the one about little Timmy who fell down a well and Facebook will send 10 cents to the American Red Cross to help in the effort to get him out of the well as long as you post the same drivel on your wall.  Really?

Come on!  I started to think that I had some special power of discernment until it hit me that maybe I wasn’t special.  However, might the case be that some people are simply unaware and inattentive?  Could it be?  I mean, I must be a genius to type, “president replaced by robot hoax” into a Google search and come up with 10,530,039 hits that reveal it to be a hoax.

When I reply back to these people or post on Facebook links that reveal the hoax I feel like I’m telling these people Santa Claus doesn’t exist.  However, the worst element in Internet hoaxes is that issues that are genuine  may go unnoticed in favor of sensationalist nonsense.