The following snippet of conversation was overheard recently at the office.  It’s amazing what people think you can’t hear when you wear headphones all day.

My boss:  How are you doing?

Co-worker: Fine.

My boss:  Really, how are you coping with your situation?

Co-worker: Some days are easier than others.

My boss:  So, you know, the company offers free counseling sessions.  You should check it out with HR.

Co-worker:  I know.  I am fine.

My boss:  Someone mentioned you said something about an AK-47?

Co-worker: They have a distinctive sound when fired.

My boss: Err, what?

Co-worker: It’s the sturdiest assault rifle in the world.

My boss: Um, did you say something about bringing one into work?

Co-worker: No-

My boss: Good-

Co-worker: an AK-47 wouldn’t fit in my car.

My boss:  O.K. Don’t bring it up again at work.

Co-worker: An M-16 would.  It’s lighter.