She said she dreamed.
Dreamed and dreamed.
and then she woke up.
“Dreams aren’t reality!”

-Her words set me ablaze. No, dreams aren’t reality.
They are the hope of humanity
breaking all barriers (except those we erect).
Dreams are-
will always be,
A new day.
A fresh face.

Dream and make it reality,
for that’s all that we truly have
You and I,
we are nothing,
without our dreams.

Take the good and the bad.
Do you really think you can choose?
you can choose.
Oh, not the way you’d like.

Life isn’t a supermarket or a thrift store.
The great bargains we search for are right before us.
Just reach out,
if you must,
and embrace them.

Don’t let go of your dreams.
Don’t succumb.
Don’t stop.
Please don’t stop.

Dream your dreams and,
call them silly,
anything you want,
don’t stop!