King maker, guide our
hands, deliver
us from Evil-
deceiving, promising
hope; delivering
death, in red boxes.

Open blind eyes,
that turn away,
Prepare, these hearts,
to love those,
who hate good,
devouring widows.

Those mockers and schemers,
who play, with words-
juggling, the hearts
of the People.

Peacemaker, strengthen
these legs to run, this race;
keep on fighting, always
hoping, persevering,
loving, never failing,
nor forsaking.

Reign down,
Heart healer.

Your people, cry out
from alleys, broken
homes, mansions ablaze
in despair; while fools
prattle on in white houses
and parliaments; swallowing
harvests, yielding mites-
dolled out, drifting,
never to be held, by
needy hands.

Deliver us,
from the mouths,
of empty-