Welcome back sports fans! If you’re just tuning in then I suggest taking a gander at “Precious Hope – Breaking News – Part 3a”, since this is a deviation of a continuation of this series on hope and faith.

In “Precious Hope – Believing the Impossible – Part Three” we ended with a note regarding God’s timing. We’ll continue with that in the next part of this series.

My car was fixed today! The check engine light has been banished into the darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. The grand total charge for this repair, as can be seen in the picture below is zero dollars.


Yes, that’s right $0.0 dollars for the following:

  1. Fixing a loose wire that could have caused any sort of ruckus.
  2. Replacing a part that is essential to the smooth operating of the car.
  3. A complete check out of all of my car’s systems.
  4. Checking and topping off the oil.
  5. Hours of labor including a 12 mile test drive throughout the city of Sacramento.

Those are the tangible things that we can see that our hard earned zero dollars bought us through this journey. If we only looked at those and stopped that would be amazing! Don’t you think? What mechanic will go to such lengths for a “regular” customer who was last there in April of 2018? I’ve built relationships with mechanics and become friends and still rarely got much a break on work.

We know though, that God cares more about us than his car. During the course of the last several days I’ve been able to minister to:

  1. The people who work at the shop where I took the car. I spent enough time in the shop to see that people don’t like hearing bad news, and when they do, the bearer of that bad news usually gets an ear full. I was calm and took everything in stride, knowing that my God knew what He was doing. This was God working in me.
  2. The friends and family who gave me rides. I thank God that I could be so calm, and be in His Peace, during this time. I thank Him even more that people who don’t know Him got to see this.
  3. Anu, the Uber driver, from India, (#2 in stats) who asked me what I did for living. We were able to discuss my writing and our views on this world in which we live. In addition, we spoke of God’s love and our mutual desire for humanity to realize that we’re all the same, and we should stop killing one another. I may have also obtained another follower.
  4. You folks. As I mentioned in part 3a, how interesting that in the middle of this discussion on hope, faith and God’s timing that this issue would surface.
  5. Myself. You can do that, you know? Isn’t that awesome? The spiritual battle that you fight everyday is up to you to battle. You have to make the choice to seek God. You have to decide, am I going to let this get me down, or am I going to lift myself up? King David did it in 1 Samuel 30:6.

That’s only in the course of the last three days. There will be a testimony this Sunday regarding God’s faithfulness and the importance of believing Truth over reality. I’ll address that in another article. In short, reality may be that I have no money in my bank account; while the Truth is God’s Word that tells me that He will supply all my needs. Philippians 4:19.

In tune with this series; I’m still sticking with God’s timing being perfect. He’s increased my faith and, who knows, perhaps someone I’ve spoken to, needed to hear this? Perhaps you, reading this right now, needs to know that He will work out any problem that you have in your life. Just because He loves you.

For the curious, and because I appreciate God letting me drive His car. Here’s a picture of it.

Car sunset

I’ll see you all when Part Four is done. In the meantime, Don’t Stop Believin’ !