A lot of people pray. To whom do they pray? A lot of people are “praying” for a lot of change. I wonder if they ever hear any answers…

What about personal prayer? How often, I wonder, do we pray and then listen for an answer? Prayer is a conversation. When I pray, I pray to God. The capital “G” of the Christian faith. The Bible tells us that we’re to pray continually.

There are at least two parts to a conversation. Speaking and listening. Even when I talk to myself I respond. Yes, I really do. So, if we’re to pray continually then when do we listen in prayer?

The first part of my day is when I spend time just listening to hear from God. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m always striving to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit throughout my day. However, I like to spend the first part of each day just sitting with God and listening to whatever He has to say.

I always sit in my recliner and usually have the curtains open looking out into the back yard. On some days it’s light out and on others it’s dark. Sometimes, I don’t open the curtain until after I’m “done” listening to God.

On one particular day, not too long ago, I was sitting and listening and God told me to look out the window and tell Him what I saw. I looked out the window and saw the sky full of clouds.  There were huge, medium and small clouds. Cumulus clouds. I noticed that the smaller clouds seemed to be moving and quite swiftly. I felt sympathy for the larger clouds.

The Lord said to me, “Do you think the larger clouds aren’t moving as well? It’s easier for your eyes to quickly discern the passing of smaller bodies than larger bodies. So are my plans for you. You see, daily, the movement in your life if you pay attention. However, the larger plans you do not see.”

He directed me toward the clouds again. “Do you see that the clouds you thought were not moving have moved? You turned away, and when you turned back, they have moved. They are now out of sight and new clouds have taken their place. The largest of the clouds are still there. Are they unmoving? They are still moving. Such are the plans I have for you. When you look at the largest clouds you’re seeing the middle of the clouds. Therefore, they appear to not be moving and you think that they are not. So it is with the plans I have for you and for those you see that pass you by. Or so you might think. Look to Me and trust that, as the huge clouds move, ever so slowly, to your eyes, that they are moving. These are the ‘great’ changes in your life. When you keep your eyes focused on the largest clouds they don’t appear to move. However, when you turn away and look back, they have moved. If you look to Me and keep your eyes focused on me, you will see the faith you have, the plans I have for you, come to fruition.”

At the time, as I usually do, I wrote down what I heard and then left it for my “Days with God” material. However, that day’s conversation has been brought to mind to post up here.

I believe that the encouragement I received was for someone else who will read it here. I hope that whoever you are that you’ve read this far and that you are encouraged.