Verse of the day
Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (NIV)

God can do all things. However, He cannot lie, change his mind, do evil and he cannot be second. God’s love is so great for us that if we decide that we don’t want him in our lives then he doesn’t push himself onto us. This doesn’t mean that His plans do not impact us. However, if we want a relationship with God then we need to put him first. God’s grace allows for us to fumble in our relationship with him, since he knows the human heart and how prone it is to wandering. Therefore, seeking God is a constant process.
There will not be any other relationship in your life that is like the one that you have with God. No human being will allow you to put them off and then turn back to them every time you need help. Try spending a couple hours, one day a week, with a partner and see where that gets you. However, this is how many people relate with God. Perhaps a phone call each day and now you’re stepping up the game. How would that work in a close human relationship?
God’s grace is so amazing that he never leaves us nor forsakes us. What He really desires is for us to always have him and his plans on our minds, and in our hearts, all the time. God must be first.