Whenever I read a Psalm in the Bible, and it’s attributed to the Sons of Korah, I am encouraged because these Sons of Korah are the descendants of Korah, the man who led a rebellion against Moses. This same Korah, his family, and those involved in the rebellion were swallowed alive by the earth (Numbers 16). Yet, some of the family obviously survived; otherwise, we’d not be reading about them later. In fact, the Sons of Korah were part of the Kohathite clan responsible for taking care of the holy things of the tabernacle.

It’s not only when I read something attributed to the Sons of Korah that I get encouraged. Whenever I read a genealogy, particularly one like that of Jesus, I am equally encouraged. Of the people listed in Jesus’ genealogy, some are the product of incest (Perez and Ruth), a prostitute (Rahab), gentiles (Rahab and Ruth), murderers, and adulterers (David) and their offspring (Solomon et al.). Then, there are all of the evil kings; Rehoboam, Jehoram, Ahaz, Manasseh, Amon, and Jeconiah, to name six (Matthew 1:1-17).

However, regardless of who was in Jesus’ genealogy or what Korah did, God worked it all out. It doesn’t matter what our families did or didn’t do in the past. God can redeem anyone and use them for his glory!