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“’When the people of the land come before the Lord at the appointed festivals, whoever enters by the north gate to worship is to go out the south gate; and whoever enters by the south gate is to go out the north gate. No one is to return through the gate by which they entered, but each is to go out the opposite gate.'”

Ezekiel 46:9 (NIV)

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. Today, when I read this verse in Ezekiel, I wondered why the people had to go in through one gate and leave by a different gate. Did it have to do with being double-minded? Perhaps it was about keeping one’s eye’s fixed on the Lord? I remember something about “straight paths for your feet…” I did what I usually do and asked the Lord and then checked other translations. They all were about the same, if you enter through the north gate you have to leave by the south and vice versa, so I reviewed some commentaries to see what they said.

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