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Do you answer when you get this caller ID at work?

Puppy Treats

Mewling outside
the door-
new life
emerging, in
darkest silence-
searching, seeking
sustenance, puppy
delight, eyes
do not behold,
in shopping
malls, online
ads; friendly
furry little
eat, this

Overheard at work

The following snippet of conversation was overheard recently at the office.  It’s amazing what people think you can’t hear when you wear headphones all day.

My boss:  How are you doing?

Co-worker: Fine.

My boss:  Really, how are you coping with your situation?

Co-worker: Some days are easier than others.

My boss:  So, you know, the company offers free counseling sessions.  You should check it out with HR.

Co-worker:  I know.  I am fine.

My boss:  Someone mentioned you said something about an AK-47?

Co-worker: They have a distinctive sound when fired.

My boss: Err, what?

Co-worker: It’s the sturdiest assault rifle in the world.

My boss: Um, did you say something about bringing one into work?

Co-worker: No-

My boss: Good-

Co-worker: an AK-47 wouldn’t fit in my car.

My boss:  O.K. Don’t bring it up again at work.

Co-worker: An M-16 would.  It’s lighter.

Troubling Change

As human beings we do our best to avoid trouble.  While there are those people who seek out trouble I believe that there are few people who like getting into trouble.  Neither the childhood bully nor the sadistic dictator like being in trouble and therein lies the difference between avoiding trouble one cannot control and seeking trouble, for others, which one can control.  Now, if someone claims to like being in trouble then good for them.  As for the rest of the human race I think most of us endeavor to avoid trouble like the plague.  However, it is within times of adversity that we get are afforded the opportunity to see what we are made of and, if we persevere, we will grow to be a better person.