Category: Cereals

I turn off the light-
boldly rushing,
the night, slams into
the room, no social distancing here,
rudely interrupting,
this elegant foray.
bright moments
linger today,
cheering, a guffaw-
cast aside, by
impatient night.

There’s a boldness
to the pen, each
sultry stroke,
imagining creation
wings, up
and away,
carrying bold
minds, nearer
the brink-
etching crystal
canvas, des mots
they flow.

A man dreams
midnight, sheltering
sultry bedfellows
beauties, sing,

“X to the 9,
leave it all
behind, sail
as one, to
the none,”

I stop and think,
of days in the drink-
of mirrored brews,
these tears of old,
shed and trodden

Days in the black,
feel so very
red- each wasted
moment, arterial
fed. Toss, and
midnight exegesis;
a man
dreams, midnight…


One bad day,
after another-
One more, to
ease the pain.
Just, one more.

Curled, wrapped,
in the News, of
the day.
sorting it

Lens lie, on
Silver screens.
Opening night,
taking a bite-
I try, not
to gag.

Ocean waves,
override, this
spewing, on
and on,
lips moving,
over me.

Zappity zap,
lightning cage,
insects burn.