Category: Experience


Discordant winds
traverse turbulent skies,
weeping and sighing,
“Oh my! Oh my!”

Lightning strikes
once, twice-
three times
upon the lone
pine. Standing tall,
among furs,
pining eyes
set, on brothers

A tree falls,
can you hear it?
Will you stand,
amongst stumps,
or raise a call?

Guest Pass

Delicate souls,
beautifully created;
each story, each life-
your woven tales,
aspirations, dreams,
struggles, victories;
laughing with you,
crying in your pain,
praying for you, honored-
you’ve stopped by here.

Be Kind

to yourself,
show love,
revel in it,
delight in your
failings, rejoice
in success,
demonstrate patience-
do likewise, for
your neighbor.

under this sun.
Only eyes that see,
ears that hear,
the tortured cries-
injustice frolicking
every moment, every
day, seconds pass.
Who feels the sting,
sidling off, this
mortal coil? Be
thankful, when you
see, raising your
voice, heart set,
on others.