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He called to a people,
who did not know
him. Today,
I have become your Father,
and you,
are my children.

In swaddling clothes
you scurried,
running, here
and there,
leaving brothers
and sisters behind,
in your daily duties,
the words, I put
into your heart.

Today, you
hear My voice.
I know your name,
today, rend
your ways,
seek mercy-
be merciful,
love one another
as I love you.
Turn, from
wickedness, and
I will hear
from heaven.
I have forgiven
you. I will heal
the land,
and you, will
know salvation.

My God,
My God, why
have you forsaken

The cries rise
up, surely, You hear,
each day,
your children,
howling to you
but, what
has changed, my
Lord? The
plight of the few,
has become, the
scourge, of the

Your justice
reaches to the
heavens, your
mercy fills the
skies, surely,
You will deliver us,
and on that day,
may all the people
stand and
He has done it!

Waves of fear
crash, startling
sound minds,
with a roar.
People scatter-
gulls in the
Look, to
the hills,
where does
my help come
My help comes
from the Lord,
the maker
of heaven
and earth.
He who
formed us,
is Peace,
Joy, and
Love. Each,
and every

irritation, like
droplets of water
leave deposits
on the heart,
one hundred
and forty
pinpricks of
twenty nine
brushes strokes
of insult
the soul,
setting up
shop, in
the heart,
just skipping
along, while
the evil
one, lurks,
to pounce.