Category: Slam

So you look at the surface and if the surface is clean then the inside is clean because you see the surface every day so it should be easy to clean, right?  I mean, if you don’t make time to clean the outside then how could you take the time to clean the inside?  But then, what about Jesus?  What about Paul?  They. Had. No. Showers.  They were dirty. Not leper dirty.  But Jesus was pure.  Jesus was clean.  Jesus is God.  Paul inwardly burned but was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Producing fruit we still eat today. The fruit of the Lord in the Bible and we can read it, we can try and fathom it.

but without the Holy Spirit, we can know nothing.  Understand nothing. Can do nothing. We aren’t holy, we aren’t special, we aren’t anything.  We are vapors.  The wind is more.  But God says, “you are holy because I am holy.  You are glorious because everything I make is glorious.  You are something because I made you.  Your life now is vapor but you are everlasting.  I made you that way.” We. Are. Children of God.

with the Holy Spirit, we are.  We are powerful, we are mighty.  We are gods.  Because God tells us we are.  We are the temple of God and his Spirit is in us.  We can do anything in Christ Jesus.  We-are-ambassadors of Christ.  And so, we can be dirty on the surface, but God looks within and he sees what’s inside us.  It’s what comes out of us that makes us dirty.  Jesus said so.  But we-are-ambassadors of Christ.  For Christ and by Christ.  So, we need to be above reproach. We need to be clean on the outside. People look at the outside. If the outside is dirty then the inside must be too.  Right?

People are perishing.  Every. Day. People. Die. Forever.  You are God’s child.  You are his son, his daughter.  My sister, my brother, my mother my father. We are the light.  The darkness is out there.  We. Are. The light.  Take off the shades.  Put on the light.  Be the light.  Jesus made you the light.  Be. The. Light. Show the way.  Show them, Jesus.  Be Jesus.  People die. Every day.  Forever.  Be Love.  God is Love.  He so loved the world.  You love the world.  Be not of the world.  People die.  Every day. Forever.  They don’t have to. Do Something.

Before. They die.  Forever.


I’m not okay
with people dying
to sit around,
let those
sit, who
can only sit,
in church.
I am,
the church.
I’m not okay;
war widows
shattered lives,
homeless on streets,
famine, poverty,
death all
I’m not okay,
that you’re okay,
content, watching
people die,


You disgust me.
With your pitiful, whining and moaning, “I can’t. I can’t.”
Yes, you can!
Your crying and droning and mewling have become tiresome.
With your negativity and your excuses. Spend a little time doing. That’s right, doing.
Do something for yourself.
Just stop whining.
I’m sick of it.
I speak to you and I tell you,
I show you,
I do everything but do it for you.
I wish I could.
I can’t.

Shut up.
Moaning, wailing, complaining, shrieking, “it can’t be! It shouldn’t be.”
My dear friend
it is!
And it will be.
Because you allow it.
That’s right.
You allow it.
You do not listen.
You do not hear.
You do not pay attention.

I know. I understand.
Been there.
I’m weak too.
That’s why you piss me off.
I can’t help you.
I try and I try and I try.
you still rage.
I can do nothing.
Watching as you are torn asunder.
I cannot stop you.
whom I love so,
stop hurting yourself.
release it.

Tell me,
show me,
I will do what I can.
I will help.
I will not cast you out.
I will not.
I will be here.
For you.
For you,
I will be here,
don’t tell me what I will do.
Don’t presume.
too much and,
I rage.
I stab into you,
in doing so,
I stab, maim, crush and devour myself.

I am selfish.
I want you to be happy.
I want you to smile.
Don’t cry.
Allow me
this one small favor.
Allow me to be your friend and help you.

Healing takes time.
We have it.
I will poke and prod and stir you,
to tell you,
you can decide.

We can decide,
All of us.
Let’s do it.
Make the change,
the effort.
Let’s live!
be Happy.
for now.
Then move forwards.
You can’t go back,
Time doesn’t allow it.
Neither should we.
So my friend,
take my hand
and walk with me.
I will hold you.
I will care for you.
I will do
Just for one second,
allow me.