Category: Urbanism

There’s a boldness
to the pen, each
sultry stroke,
imagining creation
wings, up
and away,
carrying bold
minds, nearer
the brink-
etching crystal
canvas, des mots
they flow.

The Street

“V,” for victory,
is the letter
today, no more
villains, to
lead us astray,
we walk
in unity, with
all our might,
arms together,
never giving
up the fight.

Strength, in
numbers, has
often been heard,
to be the
greatest of forces,
we need
only to speak,
a kind word.

So, let us
speak, the
language of
doing justice
to each other,
guided by
the One,

Bridging the Gap

Pointing fingers,
a crying shame,
singing and
“Who’s to blame?!”
pitch forks raised,
torches ablaze,
to and fro-
perennial rage,
nowhere to go,
houses, so
many afraid,
in the salvo,
dying in the
heat, pointing
fingers, rinse
and repeat.