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You’re going to Hell

I sent a blog-angel to watch over your blog last night, but it came back. I asked “why?”…

The blog-angel said: “The Blog-god’s going to take care of that blogger.”

Twenty bloggers are in your world. Ten of them are sleeping, nine are blogging, and one is reading this.

Please read…. Not joking…..The Blog-god has seen you struggling with your blog.

The Blog-god says the struggle’s over and more followers are coming your way.

If you believe in the Blog-god, post this on your blog, please don’t ignore it, you

Are being tested.

The Blog-god is going to fix two BIG things about your blog tonight. If you believe in The Blog-god, drop everything and post this on your blog.

Tomorrow you will get the most likes, ever.  Everyone will like your blog.

Post this on your blog and leave this as a comment on ten friend’s blogs, including mine, if I don’t get a comment, I guess I’m not your blog friend and you’re going to Hell.

As soon as you get five comments on your blog, someone you follow will quietly surprise you with a free iPad 3.

Troubling Change

As human beings we do our best to avoid trouble.  While there are those people who seek out trouble I believe that there are few people who like getting into trouble.  Neither the childhood bully nor the sadistic dictator like being in trouble and therein lies the difference between avoiding trouble one cannot control and seeking trouble, for others, which one can control.  Now, if someone claims to like being in trouble then good for them.  As for the rest of the human race I think most of us endeavor to avoid trouble like the plague.  However, it is within times of adversity that we get are afforded the opportunity to see what we are made of and, if we persevere, we will grow to be a better person.

I endeavor to avoid websites, forums and anything else online that has to do with God and public opinion.  I have nothing against people sharing their opinion on God or their belief that God doesn’t exist.  I would rather read an atheist’s opinion on God than the typical online Christian’s attempt at “converting” the non-believers, because most Christians appear online as if they are illiterate fanatics who love Jesus while atheists, on average, appear to be reasonably educated and can actually illustrate their thinking in writing.

Let me get something straight.  I am not the best writer around nor am I a “grammar Nazi” looking for errors in what people post.  I’m not even paying much attention to what I am writing myself (this absolves me of any mistakes), but I will put what I am writing right now up against 90% of what any other Christians online are trying to say in their attempts at evangelism in forum posts and comment sections on articles, etc.   I also must point out that the people who publish articles and the like are not my targeted group for this rant.  I am talking to you forum hounds and comment fiends who feel the need to tell people who make rude comments that, “Jesus luvs u.”  It makes me literally cringe misspelling words like that.

As I previously mentioned I try and avoid anything online that has to do with Jesus where people can post public opinions.  However, I cannot avoid my own friends on Facebook.  I think Facebook preachers are the worst at evangelizing but Facebook preachers deserve their own post.