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Dare to ask,
dream, imagine
your impossibility-
He who began a
great work in
you, leaves nothing,

I strike a spark
in the dark,
words aflame,
eliminate shame.

Writing of
things unseen,
as if they were real;
all in all,
a looking glass feel.

Alas, in wonderment,
the words they abound,
binding deep wounds,
when the King
is in town.

Salty Seas

Massive hands
hold these tears,
shed in pain,
of being.

Glazed, blinking
orbs, seek
His face,
heart wracked,

I clap
my hands,
“Snap out of it!”

God bless the U.S.A.
Land of the free, home of the
brave? Have mercy upon us-
guide us, lead us,
we are astray-
lost and confused,
devouring the other.
In Jesus’ name,
we pray.