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Storm brewing
inside- tumultuous
raging wind
swept alleys,
twisters lifting
dusty thought,
lurking- behind
bitter skies,
reign coming,
washing away,
dreary doldrums,
mired, in clay.

Day, breaks-
hands lifted,
receiving- the

In the storm that rages all around,
I am, the figure standing tall.
I am, not swept away by squalls.
My feet are firmly planted,
the roots run to the core.
I will not topple,
though some do not see,
they cannot see,
the flash of light,
and for a moment,
they do.

In the morning
when I pray,
in the brilliance
of the day.

Wondering how
I might feel,
if You turned
to me and said,
You’re real.”

There are these
who do not see,
the glory of,
Your majesty.

While demons
shudder and
think; to us
they nod
and wink.

Knowing He
from above;
The One filled
with love,
will banish
them, for