Heavenly Father,
Each day I awaken,
and praise You.

I worship You, in prayer
and devotion. I seek
your face and your will.
I listen, for your still,
small voice.

Onward, I go, into
the day. In expectation,
in desire, in hope,
to serve You. To wisely steward
the time, you have given.

Yet Lord, my expectations,
my desires, my hopes-
are dashed upon airy
places. Unfulfilled and left,
standing. Looking
upward. Fearful, that
my time is wasted. I have
missed your voice. That I walk,
in my own understanding. I will bear
no good fruit.

Guide me, Lord, for
I can do nothing, without you.
Forgive your servant,
For your ways are not my ways.

You, Lord, are my Rock.
You are the lamp to my feet.
You are my healer, my salvation. It’s
in you, that I place my trust.

You created the Heavens and the Earth.
I cannot comprehend,
the beauty of your majesty.

From the depths, You have saved me.
My hope is in you.
Your perfect will sustains me,
and I will praise you, forever.