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Do you remember?
Sun streaming, river reflected,
gurgling, laughing as I collected
poppies, sunset bursting, pale
pastel lilies- a utopic garden…
moss, so darkly deep, tints of
yellow, aqua on slippery rocks-
water erupting, crystalline
geysers, declaring the day. Company
Sky of cotton balls, perfectly
aligned, meticulously placed.
Verdant covering, leaves so
clean, pure.

You, your iridescent scarlet
gorget, a spectrum, blurring, curious-
fearless, facing me, a caress away…
your sisters, deep emerald and mocha
swirling, twirling; our own private
ball. Dipping, swaying in between-
each suggesting, a new partner, in
our dance. Chattering children,
following, as I collected, each
savory delight. Reminding me,
I was not alone. I was loved-
a brother, in this euphoric

Window Pane

There’s a bird outside my window,
hummingbird like-
it darts from tree
to tree.

It’s wood stained breast,
pale, in the afternoon light.
Boldly outlined, in a black shimmering cloak.
The dark beak
pointing the way.

I hear the song,
I understand-
but the words,
they elude me.

One tree
decorated, in frosted flowers.
This tree,
it avoids.
Always looking-
Steering clear.

I see this bird,
the same.