I find the Book of Revelation intimidating and hard to understand. Frankly, when I saw that it was on the reading plan for this week, I wondered how I would be able to hear anything from the Lord that I could impart to you. When I can barely grasp what I’m hearing, how can I convey it to you? When I woke up this morning, before I did my devotions for the day, I had these words running through my mind, “For the joy set before Him.” Over and over this phrase kept churning around inside of me, and I thought this would be the message for today. However, as I was reading through Revelation, the phrase, “This calls for patient endurance,” stood out. Amongst all of the visions, the 144,000, the dragon, the woman, and all that’s found in Revelation, the call for patient endurance shone like a light to a ship lost on the coast.

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