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Sky Watching

Prickly points scratch soft skin,
leaning on twin bows, searching
skyward, bedazzling blue-
cirrus clouds gesticulate wildly,
ethereal digits caressing verdant,
green eyes sparkle in summer sun-
arid winds sweep, dust swirling, a
chaotic ballet, tumbling fur,
eyes earthbound, dog party.


Dare to ask,
dream, imagine
your impossibility-
He who began a
great work in
you, leaves nothing,

Wyoming winters stretch deep into spring’s sweet lullaby;
softly, snow-covered flowers seek sun’s radiant respite
from long deep freezes delving into marrow, leaving souls

Sacramento summers scorch westerly sea breezes, dust rises,
trees wind-whipped, cracks creep, deserting creeks, rocky
smiles entombed river beds waiting, wanting winter’s wet
caress as water overflows banks, kissing my feet…

Searching skyward, seeking solace in between.

Rising waves crash
upon brittle shores;
in swirling surf
a man stands-
lifting up hands,
bailing buckets,
trying to
empty, the