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My journey through Exodus is almost finished for 2022, and if I return to it this year, I’ll be surprised. In the last couple of weeks, my focus has primarily been on Exodus, but today I have a hodgepodge of thoughts and observations to share, not only about Exodus but also from Psalms. My hope, as always, is that you’ll find something worthy in what I’m sharing. Even if it is just a stew of thoughts and observations. 

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When I was alone in sickness and desired death.
When hope had apparently failed me, you
Oh Lord, were there for me.
I cried out to you, and your right hand lifted me up.
You saved me from the pit of despair
and brought me back to the land of the living.
You healed me and delivered me from my suffering.
Day and night I cried out to You.
You heard from Heaven and carried me in your arms.
When I grew stronger, you walked beside me with your unfailing love.
You, my Lord, are truly my Father.
The One who loves me.
In You, I find my Life, my delight and Love.
In your unfailing Love.
I have eternal life as you walk beside me.