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She asked about you,
you heard the words.
I told her about you,
and she said

I had a friend like that
I destroyed my friend
because of labels.
I let them win
for a time.
I don’t speak the words,
they do not sound pretty,
they are not nice, cute, snuggly
and wrapped,
in shiny plastic.
I silenced that part of me.

She must still speak,
she is one of us,
speaking and writing on the pages
of her body.
Expressive eyes,

listen to me.
I won’t be silenced

She spoke to me.
I listened.
I understood.

I told her,
asked her,
hoped, desired
pleaded for her to,
pick up the pen,
the brush,
Allow yourself to speak.

And to my delight,
and perhaps,
my arrogance.
I believe she will.

I’m sick of me

I really am. I’m sick and tired of my concerns, my thoughts, my opinions and my attitude. I want to know how you are doing. Yes, I have troubles but we all have troubles. Tell me yours. Invite me to weep and laugh with you because this life isn’t about me. It’s about you and I. This life is about you and I caring for one another so thank you for asking me how I am. Now, share your life with me.

I’m listening.

Untitled – The words

The words are forced,
I rape my mind
pulling, prodding and
yanking them out.

A hack,
meaningless, thoughtless,

Don’t stop.
my judgement,
I am familiar with the blade.

my flesh,
with my words,

I am the demon

I see you demon
extinguisher of life,
hope, peace, joy
pain, suffering,

I allow it.
I do not.
I defy you.
Challenging you,
down goes the gauntlet.

Do your worst.

Troubling Change

As human beings we do our best to avoid trouble.  While there are those people who seek out trouble I believe that there are few people who like getting into trouble.  Neither the childhood bully nor the sadistic dictator like being in trouble and therein lies the difference between avoiding trouble one cannot control and seeking trouble, for others, which one can control.  Now, if someone claims to like being in trouble then good for them.  As for the rest of the human race I think most of us endeavor to avoid trouble like the plague.  However, it is within times of adversity that we get are afforded the opportunity to see what we are made of and, if we persevere, we will grow to be a better person.