I love people. I love Humanity with all of our flaws, our joy and the very experience of being a human being. I endeavor to capture “Humanity” in all of the various incarnations it wears. I believe, in my naïveté, that if we, as human beings, understood that we all love, we all endure pain, we all suffer, experience joy, loss and every gambit and combination of emotion and experience, that we’d get along. There’d be peace among us.

I share, with you, a splattering of words jumbled together in an effort to, for a moment, share in peace, Our Humanity.

I identify as human with the crimson label of “Christian” smeared throughout my being.

I write most of my poetry on my 1940’s Remington Rand typewriter or with pencil and paper. I’m the guy in the coffee shop making that, TAP! TAP! TAP! sound. Thus, it sometimes take times to re-write, edit and pour out all those words into digital.

I write, each day, with the hope that I have in Christ. That those who don’t know Jesus will be saved and that those who do know Him will be blessed and encouraged.

Please note: The title, “Four-Calendar Café,” is in reference to the album of the same name by one of my favorite bands, Cocteau Twins.