Category: After Hours


Thoughts flow, one
two, another,
passing grey areas,
floating schisms,
glitches, in the
pattern; flicker
subservient wishes,
partially digested
notes, bob oily
detritus swirls,
twisting- whoosh
whoosh, tendons
carry inky
messages, to word

Il y a beaucoup de jolies choses,
Je vois, à travers ma fenêtre;
ciel bleu, des nuages roses et orange,
coucher de soleil-
des arbres luxuriants et verts,
J’entends, les chiens aboient,
Je pense au paradis, et
Je remercie Dieu.

Storm brewing
inside- tumultuous
raging wind
swept alleys,
twisters lifting
dusty thought,
lurking- behind
bitter skies,
reign coming,
washing away,
dreary doldrums,
mired, in clay.

Day, breaks-
hands lifted,
receiving- the

Show Me

Words put together,
forming, senseless
structure, meandering
corners, hopeful
idioms expressed,
elegantly, lifted
up, to
literary gods, false
prophets confess,
I have nothing,
to say.