Category: The Angst of Loving

In the storm that rages all around,
I am, the figure standing tall.
I am, not swept away by squalls.
My feet are firmly planted,
the roots run to the core.
I will not topple,
though some do not see,
they cannot see,
the flash of light,
and for a moment,
they do.

to Regrettville, blame
game on the move, picking
up passengers at
Remorse Way, Depression Avenue
and Anxiety Town. No stops
today for Hope Abbey or
Paradise, California.

Now serving, uNcategorized feelings,
at the bar!

Hop aboard! Woo!

A man dreams
midnight, sheltering
sultry bedfellows
beauties, sing,

“X to the 9,
leave it all
behind, sail
as one, to
the none,”

I stop and think,
of days in the drink-
of mirrored brews,
these tears of old,
shed and trodden

Days in the black,
feel so very
red- each wasted
moment, arterial
fed. Toss, and
midnight exegesis;
a man
dreams, midnight…

Tell me
you love me,
you’ll never let me go,
crumbled digital
remains, of time
betwixt sorrow time,
a joy filled tune,
carrot cakes, swindled
you, upon
bonnets grey,
humbled nouns
obey, stoic steeds lead,
a lion’s breath,
fetid, sour
filled kisses,
of love, sorrowful
love, in a
hand-breadth, torn