Category: Moments


I am, the rose
blooming in splendor,
shaken by the breeze,
looking up to heaven,
smaller than the trees.
Stop, and take a whiff,
a gander, if you please.
I will still be,
the rose-
by the bees.

a scan and a beep,
makes suits leap,
business wanna boom,
spreading toxic gloom;
wash your hands,
avoid the tomb.

Dollars go, “ka ching!”
“ka ching!” Walking
in your bling
Wash ya

to Regrettville, blame
game on the move, picking
up passengers at
Remorse Way, Depression Avenue
and Anxiety Town. No stops
today for Hope Abbey or
Paradise, California.

Now serving, uNcategorized feelings,
at the bar!

Hop aboard! Woo!

Wyoming winters stretch deep into spring’s sweet lullaby;
softly, snow-covered flowers seek sun’s radiant respite
from long deep freezes delving into marrow, leaving souls

Sacramento summers scorch westerly sea breezes, dust rises,
trees wind-whipped, cracks creep, deserting creeks, rocky
smiles entombed river beds waiting, wanting winter’s wet
caress as water overflows banks, kissing my feet…

Searching skyward, seeking solace in between.