Category: Nature

Sky Watching

Prickly points scratch soft skin,
leaning on twin bows, searching
skyward, bedazzling blue-
cirrus clouds gesticulate wildly,
ethereal digits caressing verdant,
green eyes sparkle in summer sun-
arid winds sweep, dust swirling, a
chaotic ballet, tumbling fur,
eyes earthbound, dog party.

Wyoming winters stretch deep into spring’s sweet lullaby;
softly, snow-covered flowers seek sun’s radiant respite
from long deep freezes delving into marrow, leaving souls

Sacramento summers scorch westerly sea breezes, dust rises,
trees wind-whipped, cracks creep, deserting creeks, rocky
smiles entombed river beds waiting, wanting winter’s wet
caress as water overflows banks, kissing my feet…

Searching skyward, seeking solace in between.


Twirling leaves, dancing-
swirling paradigm shifting,
breathing in fresh air.

I turn off the light-
boldly rushing,
the night, slams into
the room, no social distancing here,
rudely interrupting,
this elegant foray.
bright moments
linger today,
cheering, a guffaw-
cast aside, by
impatient night.