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He called to a people,
who did not know
him. Today,
I have become your Father,
and you,
are my children.

In swaddling clothes
you scurried,
running, here
and there,
leaving brothers
and sisters behind,
in your daily duties,
the words, I put
into your heart.

Today, you
hear My voice.
I know your name,
today, rend
your ways,
seek mercy-
be merciful,
love one another
as I love you.
Turn, from
wickedness, and
I will hear
from heaven.
I have forgiven
you. I will heal
the land,
and you, will
know salvation.


and mirrors
distort believer’s
too blessed
to be stressed,

life is
fine, every
thing is O.K.

Honest answers
kiss lips-
pride swings
high, in
these lies,
denying truth
delays healing,
on rocky
roads, mourn
in valleys,
sing on ‘tops-
be heard,
be real,
be honest,
in this valley,
of the shadow

I believe in the power of prayer. If you’ve read the poetry, articles or my about section on this blog then you’ve probably picked up on me being a Christian.
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Paul was stirring
up trouble
all about town,
preaching and teaching
of One who would come
down, healing
the sick, raising
the dead, speaking
salvation, eternal
life, ahead-
crowds would
gather, to
hear this
man speak,
of spirits
unseen, of
a God, so
meek. Few
could perceive
one willing
to die,
for such
sinful wretches,
as you,