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Wanting to be known,
God sees me, my aching heart.
It is well, my soul.


Staring at the canvas,
lines, ruled by time’s
twisted knot, tangle-
beckoning, white
lace reveals
titillating torrents
for all to see,
no shame, for this
pristine lover
is like no other,
whispering promises,
sultry gifts,
steamy vibes,
when pen
and paper
tapping of keys,
the dance begins,

There’s a boldness
to the pen, each
sultry stroke,
imagining creation
wings, up
and away,
carrying bold
minds, nearer
the brink-
etching crystal
canvas, des mots
they flow.


Longing for the day
when morning’s sweet
embrace surrounds us-
the day, so cherished,
so far away,
when I hear your laughter
echo the roar of the ocean,
delighting the sun-
to be with you,
in the light of day,
no chattering box,
nor pending duties,
just you
and I,
under the clear blue sky,
through the passing of light
into the glory of night.