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under this sun.
Only eyes that see,
ears that hear,
the tortured cries-
injustice frolicking
every moment, every
day, seconds pass.
Who feels the sting,
sidling off, this
mortal coil? Be
thankful, when you
see, raising your
voice, heart set,
on others.

of love
and devotion
fill broken
hearts, our
hope and joy
with raised
hands, we
lift our
lives, to

The Street

“V,” for victory,
is the letter
today, no more
villains, to
lead us astray,
we walk
in unity, with
all our might,
arms together,
never giving
up the fight.

Strength, in
numbers, has
often been heard,
to be the
greatest of forces,
we need
only to speak,
a kind word.

So, let us
speak, the
language of
doing justice
to each other,
guided by
the One,

My God,
My God, why
have you forsaken

The cries rise
up, surely, You hear,
each day,
your children,
howling to you
but, what
has changed, my
Lord? The
plight of the few,
has become, the
scourge, of the

Your justice
reaches to the
heavens, your
mercy fills the
skies, surely,
You will deliver us,
and on that day,
may all the people
stand and
He has done it!